Writing a 500 Word Essay

Writing a 500 word essay is not as difficult task as it may seem. However, the students from all over the globe have to specialize in essay writing. If you do not possess excellent writing and research skills but want to avoid the academic failures, our article is written just for you. First and foremost, relax and take it easy! Being a student you cannot avoid this task, but you can learn all the secrets of the successful essay writing. A positive approach to work will bring you the desired results!

How Long a 500 Word Essay Should Be?

Do not know how long is a 500 word essay? Not surprisingly, a 500 word essay should be approximately 500 words long. Usually, it takes one page and a half. Indeed, it is enough to write a book/movie review, application essay, narrative essay, descriptive essay, compare and contrast essay as well as many other paper types. If the assignment requires more or less words, feel free to consult with your professor. Every essay should be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font.

The Procedure of Writing a 500 Word Essay

A standard 500 word essay has a classic structure. It should contain an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. Start your essay with an introduction and be sure to put the thesis statement at the end. A good introduction should give the key points of the discussion. It should grab the reader`s attention from the first line. Reading the introduction, the professor should understand what you are going to describe or analyze in your essay.

A main body of the paper usually consists of three paragraphs. Be sure to divide these three paragraphs logically. Also, do not forget about the transition words. Using them, you will help the reader to follow your main idea. Every paragraph should start with a topic sentence and develop this idea. What is more, every paragraph should be connected with your thesis statement. Moreover, do not forget to include the in-text citations from the reliable sources.

A conclusion is the most important part of your paper. It should summarize your key ideas as well as give the evaluation of your work. Usually, a conclusion leaves the impression about the writer so try to make it perfect! Do not include brand new ideas and in-text citations in a conclusion and you will not lose the additional points.

Do Not Neglect Your Grades!

Writing a 500 word essay, think about what can be interesting to your audience. We assure you that choosing an effective topic is of paramount importance. Surely, your essay should be grammatically correct, but the content is more crucial. Also, you should know that your professor will not accept the plagiarized essay. If you use some thoughts, be sure to cite them properly. Do not forget that timely delivery is also very important. Still do not know how to write a 500 word essay? Follow these steps and become a successful student ready for all the academic assignments, even the most complex ones!