Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

As well as providing a large array of regular services, customers of are also offered a number of optional extra services. One additional service is the delivery of orders in parts – progressive delivery. This is particularly suitable for complex and bulky orders, which we consider to be those comprised of up to 20 pages, depending on whether the customer specifies double (20 pages) or single spacing (10 pages). The fact is that delivery of a large paper in individual parts makes these easier for the customer to handle or manage.

Main Advantages:

  • While it can be difficult for customers to track large orders, the task is made easier when they are delivered in section as each section is completed. Additionally, receiving a paper in parts gives the customer enough time to approve or get different parts revised before handing an assignment in.
  • Each paper is written and edited by our best and most talented writers and editing staff.
  • A bigger revision window. Where the usual time for submitting revision requests is 2 (two) days, customers get a month (i.e. a 30-day period) with this method.
  • Our company allocates each order to an experienced manager to a) ensure its satisfactory and successful completion and b) make sure that the two-way communication between our writer and the customer is fast, efficient, and smooth.

How orders are delivered to customers in parts or drafts*:

  • In the event we agree, say, a deadline of up to 4 days with the customer, we deliver part or draft of that customer’s order (a part = to 25%) when we reach half the deadline time (i.e. 50% of expired deadline). Therefore, based on the deadline indicated above and assuming the customer placed a 20-page order, we would deliver 5 pages after 2 of the 4 days have elapsed.
  • If we agree, say, a deadline of 5 to 11 days with the customer, we deliver two individual parts of that order (i.e. parts = to 25 and 50%) when we reach the same amounts of time on the deadline clock (i.e. 25 and 50% of expired time).
  • If we agree, say, a deadline of 12 or more days with the customer, we deliver three individual parts of that order (i.e. parts = to 25, 50, and 75%) when we reach the same amounts of time on the deadline clock (i.e. 25, 50, and 75% of expired time).

This special service is available at a very reasonable price - only +15% more than an order delivered in the normal manner!

* If the method described above does not entirely match your own requirements or the requirements of a specific assignment you are working on, we recommend you contact the person in our team who is managing your order. This person will work cooperatively with you to develop a satisfactory solution.

Ask for Your Paper in Draft Form

Should you wish to receive a draft of any particular paper while work is in progress, we can send you a) a 1-page draft comprised of 600 words in double line spacing or b) a 1-page draft comprised of 300 words in single line spacing upon reaching half of the deadline time. Therefore, for example, if we agree an 8-day deadline with you, a draft can be sent to you once 4 days of this time passes.

Ask for Your Paper in Summary Form

Likewise, we can send you a 300-word summary of your paper if required. This brief document will have all of the most critical points condensed onto one page. People who need to showcase their research work in a presentation setting often find summaries useful and we strongly recommend them in such cases.

Buy More Time for Requesting Free Revisions

Our company offers many guarantees, one of which is an entitlement to have papers revised free-of-charge for up to 2 days past delivery. However, it is possible to get this time extended to 14 days by opting in to our “revision extension” service.