Best Essay in the World: Writing Tips from Famous Writers
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If you want to learn how to write the best essay in the world, you should really be ready to dedicate much time and effort to practice a lot and regularly. Some writers who want to master their skills and learn to write the best essays of all time think that reading a lot of sample essays will greatly help. From my own experience, I can assure you that reading some famous essays without practicing on a daily basis won’t be efficient. One of the greatest obstacles you’ll face is that, while looking for famous essays, you will come across a lot of those that do not worth your attention. There might be essay samples that would better suit to teach writers how NOT to write instead of how to write. Still, my practice of looking for short famous essays has taught me how to identify the best ones and derive from them the greatest benefit. Another recommendation I can give you if you are looking for famous persuasive essays or any other types of essays is to find a book The Best American Essays on Amazon. The book is updated each year, so you’ll definitely find some great essays for yourself. 

Brief Info about the Great Essays List

When I was analyzing the very process of reading and writing essays, I came to a conclusion that the process of reading some of the best essays ever written personally to me resembles the process of eating a chocolate. Once you unwrap the package, you can’t stop unless you eat the whole chocolate. It’s so much addictive. When I started reading some powerful essays that could change my lifestyle and outlook on life, I could not stop putting that book away from me. 

If you want to get inspiration to learn to write the best college essays ever, try to follow my piece of advice and read some of the essays.

I have created a compilation the best essays that were ever written (in my humble opinion). Go ahead and read their summaries and key writing tips. 

1. David Sedaris – “Laugh, Kookaburra”

The plot setting takes place in some wilderness in Australia, centering on a family drama. If you want to learn how to write top college essays, read this one. You will see how the author intermingles travel writing, philosophy on the most important things in life, and family reminiscences. Besides, you will get an excellent opportunity to learn something about the culture of the Aussies. 

The essay provides you with the following tips:

  • With the help of analogies, you can make the story layout achieve a more dramatic effect or just introduce more fun to the narration;
  • You can cover more than one related stories in one piece of writing. The thing you should be aware of is that you need to reveal the story layers one by one. Ensure that the story is not confusing – make each storyline clear to the reader.
  • Become friends with your readers. Make sure you tell the story naturally and do not distance yourself from your target audience. 

2. Charles D’Ambrosio – “Documents”

If you are always complaining about your life and think that you are frequently punched by it in the face, read this essay and you will change your mind in a minute. The story revolves around the concepts of hardships and loss. First, you might get irreversibly sad and depressed, but then you will just feel the ultimate gratitude for the things you have in your life. 

The essay provides you with the following tips:

  • If you do not know which topic to prepare your essay on, think of writing essay drafts on family topic. Sometimes, the most powerful essays are those focusing on some childhood moments that have impacted your life. 
  • You can include real-life situations from your own family or childhood experience. Besides, you may even use exact quotes (words or phrases told by family members).
  • To close the circuit of the paper, you might come back to the theme introduced in the opening paragraph.
  • If figurative or poetic language (as well as some flowery speech) add up to the peculiar style of narration.

3. E.B. White – “Once More to the Lake”

What is it like to be a father? Is it possible to see the reflection of your childhood self in your child? What does it feel like when you are looking deep into your child’s eyes? This amazing piece of writing tells a story of a father and son. The narration unfolds in the forestry area of Maine filled with sunshine and pleasant childhood memories. 

The essay provides you with the following tips:

  • You might use sophisticated language as long as it is readable and comprehensible to your readers.
  • To evoke memories, emotions or feelings in readers, try to use vivid and flowery language. Appeal to descriptions. 
  • Maintain connection with your target readers and mention about some universal feelings that were talked about somewhere at the beginning or in the middle of the story. It would remind readers of some things that were mentioned throughout the text.
  • Try to animate the inanimate objects to make the descriptions more life-like. 

4. Zadie Smith – “Fail Better”

Aspiring writers usually derive a great deal of satisfaction from writing and feel overwhelming pleasure to perform. Therefore, if you want to become a successful and aspiring writer, you will have to write a lot of essay drafts. Read this essay to get to know what it means to be a writer. This essay will attempt to answer all the questions you might have regarding the writer’s profession. 

The essay provides you with the following tips:

  • There is no such thing as a perfect piece of writing. You will have to write more than one rough draft essay to make your composition close to perfection (which is actually unattainable here, but that’s not the bad point).
  • Each novel that you read reflects the inner world of its author. Therefore, it might be the main reason why we get fascinated with authors and tend to have our favorite ones. 
  • Avoid clichéd phrases in your writing. 

The last advice

Hopefully, these brief summaries of my favorite essays will help you master your writing skills. Read the main tips and try to focus not on the negatives but on the aspects that could be improved in your writing process.