Completing a master’s degree in business is very prestigious nowadays. Economic education is one of the most demanded in the whole world. Here is a list of the best universities in the USA, where you can get a master’s degree in business management

Top Economic Universities for Completing a Master’s Degree in International Business Relations


It was attended by seven American presidents. The Faculty of Economics appeared in Harvard in 1897. The faculty publishes Quarterly Journal of Economics. In addition, more than a hundred years ago, Harvard University founded the Harvard Business School.


This American University is located in Hyde Park, Chicago. It is always distinguished by an innovative approach to the economy. The Chicago School of Economy was created here; it developed a macroeconomic approach to analyzing markets. There are such areas of research at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Chicago today as applied microeconomics, econometrics, economic theory, and macroeconomics.


Many teachers of this university are members of the American Economic Association. Professor Olivier Blanchard is one of the leading economists of the International Monetary Fund. Students take part in different research projects of the university. The Faculty of Economics offers 69 economic courses. Some of them can be taken at the university online.


The Economics Faculty was founded in 1903 here. For the developments in the field of economic theory, econometrics, macroeconomics and applied research, the University graduates received five Nobel Prizes. There are 12 research centers at the Faculty of Economics in the fields of econometrics, risk management, labor economics, behavioral economics, international business, etc.


There are 12 research centers for studying finance there. One of the most famous graduates of the faculty is John Nash, a Nobel laureate for his contribution to the theory of games. According to the university, graduates of the economics department work in banking, investment and consulting spheres. Three-quarters of graduates get jobs right after graduation. Others prefer a scientific career.


It is located in New York, Manhattan. Joseph Stiglitz, a famous economist and Nobel Prize winner, works here. The University includes Columbia Business School, one of the top business schools in the world.


One of the oldest economic faculties in the world was founded here in 1891. The Faculty of Economics is only one year younger than the university. The faculty has 16 research centers in the field of economics.

Features of American Universities

One-third of all universities, which are included in the ratings of the best educational institutions of the world, are in the United States. Diplomas received in this country are highly appreciated all over the world and guarantee successful employment. The leadership of American universities in the world education system is provided by a high level of teaching, the introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process, attention to practice and a huge choice of specialties. 

There are about 4000 institutions of higher education in the United States; they are universities, colleges, and institutes. US universities and colleges have the same status; they can give higher education. The significant difference between universities and colleges is that colleges, as a rule, are smaller, they do not conduct scientific research and offer only undergraduate programs and an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree). University students can obtain Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees, and PhD. It is possible to continue education in the Master's program of the University after receiving a bachelor's degree in college. 

Universities in the USA are divided into public and private. State schools of the country are large educational institutions, which carry out serious research work. Only eight of them are federal and are administered by the US government. The rest belong to the states and are managed by the municipal authorities, and therefore the curricula and the conditions for admission to them are sometimes very different. The cost of studying in state universities is much lower than in private ones.

Most universities in the USA are private institutions and studying in them is quite expensive. However, some private universities and colleges are considered the most prestigious. The emphasis in such institutions is primarily on practice, students spend a lot of time in independent work, they have a personal mentor, the learning program is made individually for everyone, and classes are held in small groups of up to 12 people.

How to Enter the University

The graduates of the most prestigious schools are striving to enter the best economic universities of the world. There is no single standardized system of admission to an American university. Entry requirements for different schools may vary. Many universities and colleges in the US accept applicants without entrance examinations. Top American universities may ask you to write an essay and fill out a questionnaire that can include questions on various topics, from the name of your favorite books to your plans for the future. After passing the initial selection, candidates pass the entrance examinations. Economic education is very relevant these days. Having a master’s degree in business, you can expect career growth and a good salary.