Details of Business Writing

Modern business obliges students to be prepared to the professional writing, which can be achieved with proper writing skills and critical thinking. Business writing entails many situations, starting from writing routine work emails up to formal reports and projects. Preparing each piece of writing in business should be focused on the audience/possible readers, content, tone and style of writing. Otherwise, attaining the desired result will be simply impossible. Business pieces of writing are always focused on a specific target audience, which means that you should do your best to present clear, concise and persuasive ideas. In all business writing tips you will find the rule of avoiding personal pronoun usage (I, you, we).

Adherence to Citation Styles

Students majoring in business are asked to follow APA formatting style (American Psychological Association). It is the author-date way of citing ideas from the outside sources. For instance, a common citation will look like (Johnson, 2013). In addition, students should refrain themselves from the usage of footnotes and endnotes.

The Most Popular Business Assignments

Students specializing in business will encounter many writing tasks that are associated with the workplace activity:

  • Memorandum. It is a short and concise piece of writing that serves the purpose of communicating the most important information about an event, its deadline, etc. within the company members. Obviously, memorandum is addressed to colleagues, so the tone of writing can be rather informal. It makes this piece of writing much different from other business letters. At the same time, the writer should always focus on the audience. Effective business writing presumes special importance to the possible readers, who will find all the necessary details in a business letter.
  • Business letter. This document is different from the memorandum because of its formality level. It is used mainly to apply for jobs and present the necessary information that might interest the potential employer. Many students type in search engines “What is business writing?” and business letters will be seen among the results. A common letter of such type should be formatted according to the standard letter format. Its structure should include date, the address of the writer, salutation (optional), main body paragraphs discussing key ideas and the concluding paragraph. If you want to prove your competence and mastery in writing, you should always resort to a specific vocabulary.
  • Case analysis. The writer will have to demonstrate his/her their knowledge by applying different theories to real-life situations. The business writing format of this assignment will include the case analysis as the first part of the paper. The writer should introduce the problem to the audience. The next sections must be focused on solutions only. Writer will have not only to present solutions, but also analyze their effectiveness. The last part of case analysis deals with the best solution to be applied to the problem. Do not forget to demonstrate solid reasoning why you believe this solution to be the most appropriate one.
  • Business Plan. This document analyzes the work of a specific business and its operation system. Among business assignments, this piece of writing is very popular because it can serve a purpose of defining funds and financial system of an individual company. To present suitable details, one has to find out the purpose of writing and the audience. You can find different types of business plans on the web, which will guide you in the right direction.
  • Business Proposal. It is a piece of business writing that demonstrates the solution to the problem or a set of problems that the company experiences. One can define 2 types of business proposals – solicited and unsolicited. The first one deals with the outside organizations that can bid on the project. For instance, if there will be a new school building, firms specializing in constructing can offer their individual proposals to sign the contract with the city administration. Unsolicited business proposals are written to cooperate with other businesses. For instance, an IT company can offer its services to the newly established book company to launch an up-to-date website.