Descriptive and Narrative

Every student should be good in essay writing. There are many essay types – compare and contrast essays, application essays, expository essays, narrative essays, descriptive essays, etc. Narrative and descriptive writing is not an easy task to do. Although they have similar features, they are not equal. The following article aims to provide the information about two kinds of essays mentioned above. In general, a narrative writing requires telling a story about some issue or event while descriptive writing aims to create a picture of the events where the reader needs to describe every single detail.

Descriptive essay

Unlike narrative essay, descriptive style concentrates on the details (sounds, images, tastes, smells, tactile sensations). When you write descriptive essays, you should create a 3D picture so that your reader can feel something reading your paper. As well as narrative topics, the descriptive topics can be very different. For example “My favorite food”, “My favorite book”, “My best friend”, “A visit to an art exhibition”, “The job of my dream”, etc. Remember that your essay should be well-developed to leave a good impression on your audience.

Narrative essay

First and foremost, the narrative style requires using the personal experience. A narrator should recollect some event and tell about it. The main purpose of the narrative essays is informing the reader about a peculiar event. As well as the descriptive essay topics, the narrative topics vary but the most common feature for all of them is recounting the writer`s experience when he has learned something significant. It can be for example, “My first day at school”, “My eighteenth birthday”, “The happiest day of my life”, etc. However, it should be noted that the narrative essay is not always written about the past experience. A book report, an article report, and a movie report are also a narrative since they are focused on the plot of some story. Be sure to choose some thought-provoking narrative essay topics and you will gain respect of your lecturer.

Key Similarities

Both descriptive and narrative essays should adhere to the classic organization of the five-paragraph essay. Both should begin with an introduction, contain a main body and end with a ground conclusion. Every paper should also contain a clear thesis statement. Also, both essays should be interesting for a reader. The topics should be catching and express the reader`s personality.

Major Differences

Narration requires using of the first person “I”, “We” while descriptive essay should be written from the third person. Unlike a descriptive essay, a narrative includes action. Significantly, a narrative essay is written in a logical order (usually chronological). A descriptive essay does not include the time elements; it aims to describe the feelings and emotions.

Still have some questions about descriptive and narrative writing? Be sure to follow the above mentioned steps and academic success is guaranteed to you!