Good Essay Writing Tips

Good essay writing requires specific writing skills. Still, there are different ways to write your papers. They depend on the type of essay, its topic, purpose and many other factors. Anyway, regardless of the above-mentioned criteria, the structure of each paper is similar. Normally, it consists of three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Each part of essay has its functions and purposes. For example, introduction gives a general notion on what the paper will tell about, main body provides facts and information regarding a given topic and evidence to support them and conclusion summarizes the main ideas and statements of the paper.

Writing an essay you should consider the following tips and recommendations:

  • Select an appropriate topic for your paper;
  • Formulate clear thesis statement for your essay. It has to draw attention of readers and be informative enough so that the readers could have a notion on what the paper will tell about;
  • In order to write great essays, you should pay your attention to its structure. Divide your paper into three main parts, including introduction, main body and conclusion;
  • Start each part of your essay with an introductory sentence. It has to express your idea that will be developed and supported further in each paragraph;
  • The introductory paragraph should contain interesting and catching sentence. It can be reached by providing interesting statistics, some famous quote, or a rhetorical question;
  • In good essays, the introductory part is finished with a short statement, known as goal statement. To some extent, it summarizes the whole paragraph and makes a basis for further writing;
  • Each paragraph of the paper develops a specific idea represented at its beginning. Normally, the structure of the essay is formed from the idea first introduced in the paragraph and the facts supporting it;
  • Provide examples and reliable facts supporting every statement you make in your paper. It will make your writing much better and information provided more reliable;
  • Writing a good essay you should develop the main idea of each paragraph and finish it with a short summary. It is recommended to use at least two examples to support each statement;
  • After you have completed the main part of your essay, it is time to write its final part: conclusion. It sums up your paper and is considered to be the paragraph opposite to introduction;
  • Remember that the final part of your paper never provides new information on the topic. It only summarizes the main ideas and statements written in the main body of your essay;
  • In the penultimate sentence, the writer should restate the thesis of the paper;
  • The final statement can express the prediction for the future regarding the topic under consideration;
  • Use strong words and word combinations that will help support your opinion. Try to avoid modal verbs as they make your paper sound awkward. Should, would, might, may, etc. have to be replaced by has, is, etc.;
  • To write a great essay, do not be afraid to share your personal point of view. The aim of the essay paper is not to retell the words of other researchers but to provide your understanding of a specific topic supported by the statements of other people. Your paper –your rules;
  • Be creative! Do not be afraid to use shocking statements. The most important is to have an opportunity to support them and prove that your point of view is the most correct;
  • And the last but not the least: to write great essays, be yourself. Always put a piece of you into your work. It will make your paper vivid and interesting for readers.