Write a Persuasive Essay

It would be reasonable to say the art of crafting a persuasive essay is not dissimilar to a lawyer arguing his or her case before a judge and jury. The likeness occurs in the way the writer needs to take a stance against or in support of one issue or another and build an argument that wins their reader(s) over. When writing a persuasive essay, the writer’s task is to convince their readers to accept a particular recommendation or viewpoint and to take some type of action. Additionally, an essay of the persuasive variety needs to be based on solid research, a clear portrayal of both sides of the argument, and an understanding of any bias on the part of the reader(s).

The first stage of the process is understanding how to start a persuasive essay, and a high quality paper is not about whether the opinion of the writer is correct or whether the other side of the argument is valid. It should be a balanced opinion on a contemporary topic, something that is perhaps currently the subject of newspaper analysis or of political interest. The primary purpose of persuasive essays is not so much to inform as to present the argument in a certain manner. There are a few steps that determine how an essay of this type should be written.

Tips to Help You Write a Persuasive Essay

  • Consider the topic and issue(s): If one is to write a good persuasive essay, the writer should choose their stance, consider the issues, and decide which side they intend to advocate.
  • Understand your reader(s): It is important to understand your reader(s) if you are to write an effective essay. It helps if the writer understands the perspective of the reader and how they view the subject because, ultimately, it is the reader(s) who must decide whether to accept or reject the argument(s).
  • Do whatever research is necessary: It is essential to undertake a thorough research of the topic to ensure your argument is supported by sufficient evidence, thereby making it as convincing as possible. Supporting evidence can usually be found at a library where librarians understand the nature of persuasive writing and can explain the persuasive essay definition if needed. The writer can also speak to subject matter experts to acquire additional information.
  • Identifying the right evidence: It is important to acquire and present any available evidence in a way that makes your arguments as convincing as possible.

Organizing Your Essay

When writing persuasive essays, it is also necessary to organize the information correctly in terms of drafting an outline and preparing the structure. Roughly, your essay should be around five or perhaps six paragraphs in length.

The introductory paragraph of a persuasive essay should be used to grab the reader’s attention and hook them. This should be followed by a topic overview. Once you have decided on some ideas for a persuasive essay, these should be presented in a few body paragraphs. The body should also focus on at least one single piece of evidence to support your stance. The last paragraph should be the conclusion, which will re-iterate the main points and evidence.

In short, the whole idea behind the persuasive essay format is to persuade your reader(s) to adopt your opinions and or viewpoint.